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Exciting News


So, I’ve been collaborating with a local yarn shop. It’s one that I frequent often. I go to guild there weekly or I try to (this week’s head cold prevented my usual Thursday night knitting with friends). While Tina has a smaller shop than some of the other yarn stores, I’ve just really found my groove there. I love the guild and the people and Tina offers to order yarn if it’s not in the shop. Plus she is building her tatting offerings and seeking new yarn lines. It really is a delightful, and growing, shop

Now for the exciting part: I’m designing a monthly knit-along. It’s a year (12 months) of socks!!

We are going to explore different cast-ons, cast-offs, heels, toes, and patterns. I’m terribly excited about it and have already written the first 2 patterns for the year. I’m anticipating a fun year of sock-u-cation. As I finalize things with Tina I will put up another post so interested parties can contact her to sign up.

Right now, our plans are to offer the yarn, pattern, and some little goodies for sale as a monthly purchase. So you can pick and choose which months to order. You will be able to see the first quarter’s socks soon. That’s right, it’s not going to be a complete mystery. Each quarter we will release photos of the socks for that quarter, while still keeping the rest a secret. I’m not a huge fan of mystery knits. I like to see what I am making.

So, for now, if you might be interested in joining my little year of socks, leave a message in the comments or send me an email. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Exciting News

  1. Great news. So you can really sock it to them… (sorry, couldn’t resist) 😉

  2. That is SO awesome! Congratulations. I’d like to join, but I have to make all my socks on straight needles.

    And The Sock Hunter is going to have LOTS of work to do!