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Sock Hunter Episode 94: Floral Seekers

It was with some trepidation that the I began my latest sock hunt. The socks were becoming rather wily as summer faded into autumn. My favorite haunts were yielding fewer and fewer specimens. I thought that I might come back from this hunt with a rather slim bag of shots.

There is nothing more frustrating than finding no socks when on a hunt. Though finding the socks, only to miss your shot, does come in a close second in frustration. I began to beat about the bushes, searching here and there. I was really hoping to flush some socks just to prove that they were still around.

Finally, I decided to turn my feet towards more urban areas and see if some more common socks might be found. After some time, the flicker of a heel caught my eye. With zeal, I began my pursuit and finally cornered the *Floral Striped Socks.


A few shots later and I was presented with something for my efforts. The day was not wasted. Until next time, this is your Sock Hunter, signing off.

*Online Supersocke 100, Comedy Color, color #1284, US 0 Hiya Hiya Steel DPNs, “Easy Pattern for Self Striping Socks”


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