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Blue Dutch Bunny

I had a friend commission me to knit a blue Dutch rabbit for her daughter for Christmas. Since I had some practice knitting rabbits, I decided to design my own rabbit while I was making it. This is the result of my work. A nice little chubby blue Dutch rabbit.


I knit the body twice because the first time, the head was too wee. I adjusted the pattern a bit after knitting the second body as well. So, this little rabbit is very unique.


I also decided to use some felt to make the eyes. I blanket stitched the eye down and then added a little white french knot to give it some dimension. The nose needed a little dimension too, so I stitched it in some pink.

Pattern: My own and coming soon
Yarn: Cascade Heritage in Navy Blue and Snow
Needle: US 0000 Hiya Hiya Steel DPNs


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