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Last of the Garden, but Ramping Up the Orchard

While I was gone, the orchard continued to ripen and when I came home it was to this:




Good golly. I don’t know what the plants were thinking this year, but I have bumper crops of everything!! I decided to slice the plums and freeze them so I can decide what to do with them another day. (No green ones pictured, I forgot.)


Then the grapes were juiced.


I’m not sure why the color changes, but I’m sure it has to do with the extraction of juices in the skin as I continued to cook and add grapes. In any case, it sure is pretty!

Oh, and the pears were mature too. So, we had to bring those in last night.


The Bosc tree is small and had a small harvest, but just look at those pretty pears.


The Bartlett tree is huge, but it is infected with something. There were not many pears on the tree this year and most of them were not very pretty. The ripe pears still taste good though. I’m taking a chance that they will ripen nicely.


Since I don’t have a fridge large enough to cool them like they should be to ripen best, I just went for the method that was available to me. These pears are spread out on a table downstairs where it is cooler.

And while I was gone, there were a few tomatoes ripening on the vines. These were the latest batch. Plus the green beans are still struggling to produce a few beans here and there. I think we are at the end of the road for the beans though.


Whew. Now that I’m all caught up, I have to get back to preserving the produce.