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Well, It’s Finished


cover for cookbook

I’ve been working on a cookbook for Kaitlyn (the soon-to-be-sister-in-law) as a gift for her Bridal Shower. As today is her Bridal Shower, I have decided to share it with all of my readers. The cookbook combines some of my favorite recipes from around the web (with proper citation) and family recipes.

Many of the family recipes come from my grandma Slack, but I’ve included a few of my recipes in this one too.  I can be quite creative when I’m in the kitchen.

I hope you enjoyed my recipes and photographs that I shared on the blog previously as most of them found their way into this book!

Knitter Bunny Cookbook

And if you feel like it, after you download a copy of the book, you can donate here.


2 thoughts on “Well, It’s Finished

  1. Fantastic. You are one of the most remarkable people I know.

  2. “A Fantastic Work! Julia’s not the only one who can assemble a cookbook!”…. Clover Hill Times. “Better watch out, Martha! Kelli’s on your heels!”…… Whitley County Cookbook Lovers. “The rising star in cooking and canning!”…… Former Indiana State Fair Champion J.Oliver