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Keep Garter

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I’ve been working on the garters for my brother’s wedding. I finished the throw garter some time ago and started the edging for the keep garter. Several weeks ago I finished the tatting, but just had not stopped long enough to make the full garter.

While the tomatoes were cooking this week, I dragged the sewing machine out of the closet and set up a sewing station. I made a sewn garter but it wasn’t big enough, so I started the garter again. Once I had a properly sized garter, I attached my edging and finished all of the edges. There was just one problem. The garter really needed something to cover the seam. So I worked on a flower or tatted motif to finish it.


After I finished it, I worried that the flower looked odd, but after a few days I really think I like it.


Here is a photo of the garters together. I like them. I think the garters complement each other, but are also unique enough to be appreciated in their own right.


One thought on “Keep Garter

  1. Beautiful! If you hadn’t have said the flower was to cover the seam, no one would ever have known… 😉