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Um, I’m Back

So.  My break was a bit longer than I intended.  I’ve been frantically trying to prepare for being away again and that meant my days have been quite full.  I found a few more tomatoes in the garden.  Ha!



In my search for tomatoes, I’ve also been making some tomato puree. Yesterday I spent most of the morning making puree and drying cherry tomatoes. After all of my hard work, I had 10 pints of tomato puree and 1 pint of dried cherry tomatoes.


Of course, I ran out of canning jars and had to sub in some freezer jars. Not a huge problem though. I’m just trying to save my freezer space for other things!

The Italian plums are starting to come on fast and strong. They are so strong (read that as “heavy”) that one of the branches in my overloaded tree broke.  So, I pulled all of the plums off and gave them to a friend.  I’m carefully watching the rest of the tree and pulling the ripe ones as soon as I find them.  I’ve already dried 3 pints of plum halves.  So I think I”ll make some other things with the rest of them.



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