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Tomato Season Has Arrived

Oh, yes. We are fully in tomato season. All of the varieties are starting to ripen. I have a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes, though the yellow pears are trying to catch up. The cherry tomatoes are very sweet. One of my plants is setting red fruit while the other is setting a more orange fruit. It surprised me at first, but they are just as sweet and delicious as I could hope for, so I’m happy with the result!


This is my second year growing Black Krims and the first year I have been able to enjoy them. Last year my plant didn’t produce any fruit before succumbing to blight. The Black Krims are so good. They are large, only somewhat seedy, sweet, and very delicate. I had been waiting to pick the largest one because I thought it should be darker in color. When I lifted it to check the fruit, I was both pleased and surprised to realize that the tomato was ripe.


It is almost the end of my blueberry season. I have another pint on the bushes I think and then we will have to enjoy what I’ve put aside until next year. I’m ready for the end of blueberry season though as the plums, apples, and grapes are starting to ripen. Yikes!

The zucchini, of course, are still producing strongly. I’m already planning the re-arrangement of the garden for next year. I’m also planning an expansion. And plotting the death of the pests in my garden. Bwahahaha.


The blackberries are small now since it has been so dry. I’m still picking them, but I’m being very picky and careful with the fruit. They must be juicy enough and large enough to warrant picking. I’ve also been cutting the canes to reach better fruit when needed. I feel like I spend half my time whacking at canes and half my time picking when I’m out there.


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