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A Bit of Stash Enhancement

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I realized a few days ago that I have not shared my stash acquisitions for some time. There would be fewer stash acquisitions, but the Knitting Basket in McMinnville was closing and I took advantage of a sale. The Knitting Basket is no longer closing, has a new owner, and will be reopening soon. At the time though, I couldn’t pass up the sales.

Six balls of the rowan felted tweed. Destined for a sweater for me at some point.

Orange cascade heritage for some tortoise dutch colored colorwork mittens.

This is just going to marinate in the stash for a while.

I just couldn’t pass up this color. It was too too me.

Then there was my 1 skein purchase at Stitchin Post.

And then this delightful skein of Lilliput at Black Sheep at Orenco jumped into my cleavage and refused to budge.  It’s my color.  It’s my perfect color.  And the dyer said there were only 2 skeins of this.  It was an accident and she didn’t know how to remake it.  I couldn’t let go of it.  So.  No more stash acquisitions for a while.  It’s time for production.  Lots of gifts to make for Christmas.


One thought on “A Bit of Stash Enhancement

  1. I’m LOVING that aqua color!!! It looks very squishy, too!! ❤