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Linda’s Mittens


I promised my friend Linda that I would knit her a pair of mittens if she bought a tort doe from me. She bought the tort doe, so I made the mittens. I think they turned out rather nice.


These are based on the mittens I made and donated to the 2015 National Dutch Show fund. I changed some of the motifs, added Linda’s name, and altered the cuff to be a ribbed/striped cuff instead of the lace and hemmed edge cuff of the previous pair.

They took me a long time to finish and for no really good reason.  Now that they are, I think I will enter them in the Oregon State Fair.  I’m missing the Indiana State Fair so much.  And my friends.  My family.  I really want to go home.

Yarn: Cascade Heritage 150 in black and natural
Needle: US 00 Hiya Hiya Steel DPNs
Pattern: Linda’s Dutch Mittens by me


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