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Sock Hunter Episode 92: Yucca Lovers

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With fearsome determination, I set off in search of my latest quarry. The *yucca socks, being my quarry, were evading me masterfully. I continued to pursue them through verdant leaves and over tangled roots. Quickly, quickly. With great speed and faster camera reflexes, I bounced my way ever closer to the yucca socks. Though they did their best to elude me, I pursued. Once on the trail of socks, there is little that can dissuade me.

Finally, I cornered the socks near their favorite nesting site. Yucca are one of my least favorite plants. Yet, yucca socks do love yucca. Thus it is my duty to capture even yucca socks.

With little fanfare, but much resentment, the socks paused long enough for me to swing my camera into focus. Thus, the yucca socks were captured.



Until next time, this is your Sock Hunter, happily walking away from the yucca and signing off.

*My usual ribbed socks, Pagewood Farms Alyeska in Violet Fusion, US1 Hiya Hiya Steel DPNs


One thought on “Sock Hunter Episode 92: Yucca Lovers

  1. Wish Yucca plants in Indiana attracted handmade socks- I’d surely set some traps! 🙂 Nicely done! On to the next sock hunt! Yippee!