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Further Garden Shenanigans


Wild blackberries. They come with some nasty giant thorns. So, picking is pretty hazardous. Technically these are an invasive species and we should be destroying them. Well, we destroyed a lot of them, but this batch is a little harder to destroy because the canes are intertwined with some good plants like our lilac bushes.


I love these green beans. I have 3 different kinds of green beans, but i love the juxtaposition between the purple and the green. Two of the kinds are green, so I will eventually have more of those in the pan, but the purple ones are super productive. Which is great because they are very easy to see when picking.


The snap peas are still producing nicely.


The tomatoes are going to have a bumper crop. I’m just waiting for them to ripen. I know my days will be super busy then!


The ladybugs are all over the garden and doing their thing. I like to play spot the ladybug while I’m out and about.


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