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Berry Picking

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I’ve been exploring the different berries available out here. I picked Tay berries and Logan berries last week. Then decided to pick some gooseberries and currants this week.



Luckily there is a nice big berry farm not far from the house. The berry bushes were full of gooseberries. I had a lot of fun learning about ripe gooseberries and checking out the hairy berries.



I wasn’t as impressed with the currants. The black currants really do have a vague juniper berry smell/taste. I only picked 1 box of those. The red currants I liked a little better. They had a much more intriguing flavor profile for me. I look forward to making lots of jam this fall when it is cooler! I’ve been freezing pounds and pounds of berries from home and from West Union.


I love the berries all lined up in their containers.


One thought on “Berry Picking

  1. So a good pioneer from Indiana would choose to show yet another of her amazing culinary skills and produce a “gooseberry pie” for delicious consumption! Get busy there, little girl! 🙂