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Starting the Edging



So, I offered to make the garters for my brother’s wedding. I considered several options. After making some samples, I sent the photo to Kaitlyn and she picked out her two favorites.


So, I started the edging, but I didn’t like how it was coming along so I started again. This one is intended for the garter that is thrown and I really like how it looks. My picots look better in each ring and I’m using a lock join to make the chains more crisp and “square.”

I haven’t decided if I am going to use the pastel colored thread or white or variegated blue or something else for the keep garter.  Kaitlyn picked out the bottom left for her keep pattern.  I haven’t started working on that one yet, first I have to finish this one.


2 thoughts on “Starting the Edging

  1. Which pattern/design will accommodate the added elastic band better and still retain it’s integrity of beauty? Or will you simply use satin or grosgrain ribbons to tie them on? Very pretty, and what a lovely gesture! (tell Kaitlyn the keeper would be special in traditional blue hues). 🙂

  2. P.S. So Brett doesn’t feel left out, tat some edging on his pocket square! 🙂