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Sock Hunter Episode 91: Amongst the Flowers

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Days and days may pass in which a sock hunter finds naught but sock tracks. The elusive patterning of stitches in a bit of loam or sand. The brush of wool against leaves. These subtle signs may be all that sustain a sock hunter for days.

Thus, the flash of a pair of socks is always welcome. Carefully stalked and carefully photographed; I found a delightful pair of *Greater Long-Necked Blue Footed Socks.  These socks are best known for their love of flowering shrubs.  Often found in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, these socks feed during the day and can often be caught napping in the late afternoon.



Working quietly, I snapped several photos of the socks in their natural habitat.



Leaving them undisturbed, I crept back to my sock **blind. Until next time, this is your Sock Hunter, signing off.

*Berroco Sox color 1453, US 0 Hiya Hiya Steel DPNs, Hermione’s Everyday Sock
**you know, like a hunting blind.


One thought on “Sock Hunter Episode 91: Amongst the Flowers

  1. Oh joy! Oh joy! My day is complete- Sock-Hunter episode #91 was really neat! 🙂 (you realize that’s 91 pairs- 91 x 2 = 182 socks, 182 turned or after-thought heels, tens of thousands of stitches, and many many happy feet!) — and countless pokes from your Hiya Hiyas! Lol! They look divine amongst the blooms! Well captured, Knitter Bunny!