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Happy Anniversary to ME (and You).


This blog (though not started on this platform), has been around for 8 years now.  Blogs are kind of old news now, but I appreciate my readers and so, there is a contest.

You’ll like this one.  Leave a comment on this post.  Or share this post in whatever media you like (and tell me about it).  Or even email me with all of the ways you helped spread the word (knitterbunny AT gmail DOT com).

You can tweet me @KnitterBunny, facebook me at knitterbunny, pin me (Knitter Bunny), flickr me (Knitter Bunny), or whatever social media phenom you like best.  Each mention gives you one entry.  What am I giving away?  A copy of each knitting pattern in my shop, plus any tatted item in the Etsy shop.

You have from today, May 25, until Saturday May 31 at 12am PST to help me spread the word about the contest, my patterns, and my shop.

PS. Open to my international friends too!

Scarf or Shawl


5 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to ME (and You).

  1. I’m always amazed that people remember exactly when they started their blog. It’s been a pleasure to meet and keep up with you!

  2. If you’re not dazzling all of us with your awesome photos, you’re giving us the thrill of the chase for socks with the intrepid “Sock Hunter” ( my favorite read anywhere in blogdom!!!) Here’s to many more years (and episodes!). Thanks, Kelli! 🙂

  3. Wow! What a nice giveaway.

  4. This is an awesome giveaway! Congratulations on your blogiversary!

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