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Building Blocks Child’s Sweater



When I went to All About Yarn’s retirement sale, I picked up some Encore to make Avi’s our nephew a sweater.  I also saw a very cute pattern that would be perfect. So, I took a picture of the tag and looked up the sweater when I came home.  It seemed like a reasonably approachable pattern.  So, I cast on and knit the sweater in no time at all.  I think I knit this in 4 days.  It was just too quick.  I had planned to knit this instead of my travelling socks, but it knit so quickly I had to cast on a second pair of socks!

Now I have socks drying and another pair nearly finished.  More importantly, I have more patterns coming soon.  And something exciting for my 8th blog-i-versary.

Pattern: Building Blocks Sweater
Yarn: Plymouth Encore Worsted in Gray Frost and Brick
Needles: US 7 Hiya Hiya Interchangeables and US 7 Clover Bamboo DPNs
Modifications: Overlapped the “blocks” and slightly narrowed the sleeves by decreasing 4 stitches over the length of the sleeve

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