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I (Sort of) Went to the Quilt Expo



Well, I was really there as part of the Portland Lace Society to demonstrate tatting and knitted lace.  I did walk around a bit and see some of the exhibits and vendors.  I was very good though and resisted the urge to buy anything.




Batiks are always intriguing.



I just loved the texture and shapes in this quilt.  Well, the colors weren’t too bad either.  I’m not much of a fan of pastels, but it really works in this quilt.




Of course, my favorite quilt is also the one that has the worst picture.  I usually snap 2-3 just to make sure that I have at least 1 good picture, but I was cocky with this one.  Sure enough, I took one photo, and it’s blurry.  I really like the owls on this quilt.



I also managed all of 2 pictures of our booth.  I really need to remember to take more pictures.


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