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All of the knitting is done on this nice little sweater for Avi’s our nephew. I just need to find some nice little buttons for it. The pattern is really cute and the only complaint I have is that the photo shows alternating blocks while being written for stacked blocks. So, I made my blocks alternate and wrote the pattern down in my Ravelry project page in case someone else wants alternating blocks too. For a free pattern, this one is well written, easy to read, and fairly clear in instructions. So, yes, I would consider making this again.

Pattern: Building Blocks Sweater
Yarn: Plymouth Encore Worsted Solids & Heathers, 2 balls of grey (with some leftover), 1 ball of red, but I used 2 to knit from to make it easier to do the intarsia bands
Needle: US 7 Hiya Hiya Steel Interchangeable
Modifications: I changed the block pattern to alternate instead of stack, knit the blocks to 7 inches before the edge, then slightly shaped the sleeves by decreasing 4 total stitches.


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