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Sock Hunter Episode 89: Twisting in the Wind

There comes a time in every sock hunter’s life when the search becomes more than just a vocation, but a desperate desire to hunt socks.  When socks have been found in so many places, so many times, and yet the desire to find those socks still grips a Sock Hunter, that is when you have ascended beyond vocation.

There are few greater joys to the sock addicted than finding that next pair and the loveliness of this particular pair simply caught me and would not let go.  I’m afraid that as a sock hunter, one is not expected to have favorites, but I found myself thinking along those lines with the sighting of this pair.

*Twisted Love socks, gorgeous, stately, and hopefully productive.  While the hunt for this pair was delightful, I can only anticipate their offspring to be decidedly adorable. The twists and turns of cables on toes and heels is both anticipated and surprising.


I snapped enitrely too many photos, but in the end present you with just my favorite. Until next time, this is your Sock Hunter, signing off.

*Twisted Love socks, US 1 Hiya Hiya Steel DPNs, Oriri Draco Designs Li’l Squish in Deep Lilac


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