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Random Sunday


One of the two shops that are close to me has moved. The Knitting Bee is now very close to my friend Yuh-Chi’s house. I wanted to see the new place, so I took a little drive one day and once I found the shop, I might have made a small purchase. It really was small. Just the one skein. Malabrigo is hard to resist you know.

mary anne tropical punch pendant 4

Then I popped over to visit Yuh-Chi and we decided to get manicures. I haven’t had one since my wedding. I have to admit, the gel polish lasts far longer than traditional polish. I’m already on day 12 and still no chips!


I happened to go wandering around the yard when I came home and was excited to see that my comfrey survived the winter and has started to grow. This is important for my rabbits because comfrey can often alleviate stomach ailments. Plus it has pretty flowers and I like pretty flowers.


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