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A Treat for Me and You

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kristy earrings springtime 2

While I’m visiting family and friends in Indiana (and this time I really AM going), I thought I would leave you with a treat. I have dropped the prices of many of my bracelets in the shop, permanently. Yay! Better value for you and me!

quatrefoil bracelet coral orange med 4

Plus, I’m offering a special code (HOMEAGAIN) for an extra 10% off all items in the Ravelry shop and the Etsy shop. There is no minimum purchase, so take advantage of this great coupon code now! It will run from today through April 9, 2014 when I return to Oregon. Just remember that tatted items won’t ship until I am back in Oregon. 🙂

One thought on “A Treat for Me and You

  1. You realize that if you would have been a mere two weeks later, you totally could have gone to Greencastle, right? The Briar Rose booth just isn’t the same without you there. 🙂