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My Acorn Woodpecker

I almost wrote “Mr. Acorn Woodpecker,” but I can’t tell the males from the females. So, I really couldn’t title this post with “Mr.” I was watching the hummingbirds fly around outside when I noticed that there were several other birds flapping and being bird-like.

acorn woodpecker 1

I grabbed the good camera and the big lens and crept to the edge of the deck. This guy was very high in an oak tree and pretty far away, so my photos were mostly branches. I cropped them as tightly as I dared while still maintaining the integrity of the photo, but sometimes I wish I had an even better telephoto lens.

acorn woodpecker 2

This is a pretty cool bird.

acorn woodpecker 8

It is an Acorn Woodpecker.

acorn woodpecker 3

I guess these birds actually store acorns in the branches and trunks of oak trees by pecking a hole and tucking an acorn inside. No, really. They create “granaries” by storing the acorns for later. It’s fascinating.

acorn woodpecker 5

And the birds are very pretty too.


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