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Tasting at Republic of Jam

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While Lauren was here we took a trip down to my favorite little town in Oregon: Carlton. We wandered the shops, tasted the local wines, and enjoyed lunch at Horse Radish. We also tasted the jams at Republic of Jam.


We might have taken a few home too. 🙂


Republic of Jam combines flavors that I would not have tried together, but somehow they work really well together. My favorite flavor so far has been Apricot Vanilla Riesling, but they also have crazy flavors like: apple beer jam, cherry black pepper jam, and lime basil jalapeno sauce. Wait, what? That last one is a sauce. Yes, they have sauces too. And ketchups. Which I guess is a kind of sauce too. Anyway, tasty things. Very tasty things. You should go there if you are ever in Oregon.


One thought on “Tasting at Republic of Jam

  1. This sounds waaaaay past “delicious.”