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Lovely NDS Mittens

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So, most of you know that the “Bunny” part of “Knitter Bunny” comes from the fact that I raise rabbits. And most of you know that I raise Dutch rabbits. So, in support of my breed, and the National show that goes with it, I made some mittens.



These are lovely. My patterns are entertaining. The stitching is mostly even. They take about 10 hours to knit, even with the colorwork. So, that’s about normal for me. The cuff has a very subtle and small lace feature. I also turned the hem under on the cuff as a little extra nicety.



Yarn: Cascade Heritage 150, about .23 balls of each color in black and off-white
Needle: US 00 Hiya Hiya Steel DPNs
Pattern: Completely my own and it was crazy to create. I think I spent 6 hours just tweaking this pattern.


One thought on “Lovely NDS Mittens

  1. Absolutely charming! Cheered up my day. 😉