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Embroidered Sheep Towel


I don’t stitch much, but on occasion I dig out my embroidery needles and floss and whip up a motif. This little sheep pattern is for sale on Etsy. It had been a while since I stitched, and the first one, while cute, didn’t turn out as well as I wanted.


So, I just up and stitched another one. This one has some things that I like better and some things that I don’t.


I tried two different methods of transferring the pattern on to the towels: graphite pencil and washable ink pen.


Both worked ok, but I think next time I will try the dissolving embroidery stabilizer.


Both of the towels were gifts and well received, so it just proves that mistakes can only be seen by those who make them. lol


2 thoughts on “Embroidered Sheep Towel

  1. Knitting, check; cross stitch, Check; Hardanger embroidery, check; but straight up crewel embroidery has always eluded me. Bravo! Not only can you embroider, but you can design as well.

  2. They are lovely, no surprise they were well received!