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Ina’s Orange Pound Cake

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I had several oranges drying out in the refrigerator.  In thinking about what to do with them, I remembered how much I love Ina Garten’s Orange Pound Cake.  So, I whipped up a batch.  Only, I thought, why should I make two large pound cakes when I have the pans to make 6 tiny pound cakes?  The answer: I shouldn’t.

Aren’t the little cakes precious?  I used my little spring form pans for the first time.  The cakes turned out so cute.  I even punched extra holes in the cakes so that the orange syrup would really soak in and be all gooey and yummy.  I went a little lighter on the frosting and kept it a little thicker so that it would layer and lace instead of coating the cake top.  It tastes divine.  I really love this recipe.



One thought on “Ina’s Orange Pound Cake

  1. I love Ina recipes!! Cute cakes!!