Knitter Bunny's™ Dutch Rabbits and Yarns

Bunnies and Yarn, Need I Say More


Well, my TIAS is still growing. When we last checked in on TIAS, we were at Day 8. I downloaded some editing apps between now and then and I’m having way too much fun correcting my photos now. They look pretty good and I can do fun things with text. And it’s fast!! It takes me much less time to edit on my phone than on my laptop.

So, here is Day 9. We didn’t add too much, but the Self Closing Mock Ring (SCMR) was a little tricky.

And now on Day 10, we have worked our way along the other side again.

Then on Day 11 we finished this portion of the TIAS. I’m wondering what it will look like. I still don’t have any idea what it might be. Hmmm.


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