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New Background


It’s been quite a while since I changed my blog theme and header photo.  So, today was the day for rearranging.  I’m still playing with things, but I’m nearly happy with the layout.  The header photo is long and wide, but I love the photo arrangement, so I’m having a hard time changing it.

I’ve spent entirely too much time doing this though, so its time to pop out to the barn for some cleaning and Stash kitty time.


2 thoughts on “New Background

  1. Pretty pretty, BunnyGirl!!!!!!!!! But I found it took ages to bring the header montage up. Computers are tempermental creatures.

    Thanks for the visit today! You made Indiana much warmer! 🙂

  2. Morning! I think of you everyday and was trying to see if anyone had ever figured out how much yarn it took to knit a 3 needle icord bind off. I knit a piece I really like it is knit in the round and I used homestead with a fuzzy yarn for half of it and then dropped the fuzzy and add eye lash. It is a great piece how you put it on determines which of the colors shows most. Another plus is you can have your head covered and then when inside slide it down and you have a great collar/ neck warmer. I gave one away and the one I am wearing I was planning to give away and well I have been wearing it. When I made it I ran out of yarn on the bind off so I had to use some thing else from my collection and it is fine. I have another on the needles for the gal that does my hair and I don’t want to run out on the icord. I think I will need to knit a sample and do some measuring and determine an amount.

    Please go to Joe Fiber Tool’s and look at his looms and let me know what you think?