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I Keep Losing the Cat


No. Really. I lost her inside the barn last month. That should not be possible. I panicked. I called for her for several hours. Then I finally found her. Inside the barn. Behind two large rubbermaid totes. lol She was stuck. Her kitty butt was too fat.

So, when I was cleaning trays a few days ago, I let the cat out to explore a little. I was keeping an eye on her. She’s been here for 3 months, but I thought it was important to only let her out on “supervised” trips. She was happily exploring while I cleaned, when I looked up and she was gone.



The last I had seen her was when she was exploring this tree. So, I plodded over to check on her. And this is what I found:




Why, yes. Yes, that is Stash hiding in the tree. Yes, it was endearing. Yes, I did leave her in the tree for as long as she wanted to be there. It was too cute. I just couldn’t resist.


4 thoughts on “I Keep Losing the Cat

  1. She has a comfy hidey-hole. And she looks like our long-passed Sly-Kitty. Love it.

  2. Her expression is totally “WHAT?”

  3. Perfect cat curl up and snooze place.

  4. What a perfect name for a cat! I love it.