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Some Mobile Mitts

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While my friends and family have been dealing with the 10-14 inches of snow in the Midwest, here I sit in Oregon where the temps are rarely below 30 degrees F. Still, it can feel chilly in the morning and I do have a few friends out here. So, I did, perhaps, make one a pair of Mobile Mittens. This is a sweet little pattern that is easy to customize. I think you could even drop in some cables or lace and really personalize the mittens if you wanted to.



I altered the pattern quite a bit, if you want to see my notes you can check my Ravelry project page.



I used some nice Shibui Knits Sock.




Size 1 Hiya Hiya Steel DPNs.



And I think that Yuh-Chi was pretty happy with them.  (PS, don’t tell her about my blog.  She doesn’t know that her picture is on here. bwa  ha haha ha)


One thought on “Some Mobile Mitts

  1. I dug a pair of my “flip-top” mittens for the cold here, which made me want to make another pair. Now this has fueled that fire even more!

    Now if I can just find the pattern. . .