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Some Stash Plumping

I’ve been knitting a little more in the last few months, which means that the stash has been depleted a bit. Since most of what I’ve been knitting has been socks, I needed some more sock yarn. Makes sense, right? And, being in a new place means trying out the new yarn shops.

The first four skeins come from Boersma’s Knitting Basket in McMinnville, OR. I travel to McMinnville each month for my lace meeting so it makes sense that I tried this yarn store. It’s large with a wide selection. Some of my favorite yarns are in residence, though some are missing. So far, I have bought yarn both times I have been in Boersma’s. I’ll have to try for more will power since I’m popping in every month. lol



The last two skeins come from the Knitting Bee in Beaverton, OR.  They have a nice shop, a good group, and loyal customers.  This shop is only 20 minutes from my house, so I could go join the knitting group, but I’m more of a solitary knitter.  I had a really nice chat with the shop workers when I was there.  It was a busy place too.



So, these are my stash acquisitions since my move to Oregon.  Not too much, and not too little, I think it’s Goldilocks. lol