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Homemade Vanilla Extract

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Well, yes.  I finally decided to make my own vanilla extract.  For years, I have looked at the online recipes and heard how easy it was.  I always intended to make my own, but just never took the initiative.  After Thanksgiving, I saw that Beanilla was having a sale and picked up 25 Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans for $25 with shipping (ps, that deal is ongoing right now). That is a serious savings over most vanilla beans.  Plus, these beans were huge; long and full of seeds.  The smell when I cut open the vacuum sealed package was heavenly and my fingers still smell faintly of vanilla. So, I sliced the center of 5 beans per bottle and then filled them with Sobieski vodka.  Here’s hoping I have some delicious vanilla extract next spring.

One thought on “Homemade Vanilla Extract

  1. You inspired me to finally order vanilla beans! I have wanted to make my own vanilla for years but never got to it. My beans arrived yesterday. Only one month and then I can taste it. 🙂