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The Day After Christmas

When I lived at home, I remember that Mom enjoyed going “Hallmarking” the day after Christmas, almost as much as Christmas itself. She would be up at 4 in the morning on December 26, schedule in hand, shoes at the ready, for an epic race to find the Hallmark ornaments she wanted for her tree at 40-60% off.

I remember the joy of finding Christmas lights, wrapping paper, boxes, and bows at greatly discounted prices. I loved the rummaging for Christmas flotsam in clearance aisles and bins. It was always something that I associated with Mom and Christmas.

So, today, I took myself “Hallmarking.” I bought some Christmas cards for next year. I found 3 ornaments for my tree. The thing is, it wasn’t the same.


Many of the Christmas trimmings were already gone, discounted before Christmas. The joy wasn’t there for me this year. And I just can’t quite bring myself to go “Hallmarking” before Christmas. It’s just not the same. Must we clearance Christmas BEFORE Christmas????

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