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Sock Hunter Episode 87: Hundred Acre Wood Socks

“Wherever there be socks, there ye’ll find a Sock Hunter.” ~Dr. A. R. Gyles

I think about this quote often as I am tracking socks. There is something about the hunt for socks that takes me to a different plane. My worries fall away, my fears subside, and my entire focus is on the hunt. The flash of a toe, the hint of a heel; my heart beats faster at the very thought. The hunting is fierce in the northwest. There are so many socks begging for the hunt and few enough hunters looking for them.

It comes as no surprise that I have found many socks on my hunts in this dripping temperate rainforest. The socks face many challenges such as toe rot and creeping heel fungus. Yet, the socks flourish here.

On this outing,  I focused my efforts on ground socks.  With luck, I spotted some *Hundred Acre Wood socks, known for their love of lightly wooded areas.  They tend to nest on the ground, and can produce several pairs of socks per year. I quickly snapped my photographs before searching unsuccessfully for their offspring.  With any luck, the young socks will find their way before my camera soon.  As I search for my next subject, I must bid adieu.  Until next time, this is your Sock Hunter signing off.

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* Hundred Acre Wood Socks, Lab Rat Fibers in Plum Velvet, US 1 Hiya Hiya DPNs


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