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Thank you, Kim


Alice bracelet beaded light turquoise

As my first customer on the Etsy Shop, I want to thank Kim of Hand Eye Crafts (photo of purchase above).  I hope you love your bracelet and the little extra gift I included for being my first customer.  I think this calls for a contest.

Here are the rules:

  1. Help me spread the word about my new Etsy shop.
  2.  Leave a comment here telling me how you helped spread the word.  Each form of “contact” will enter your name in a drawing once.  So, if you email a friend, post on twitter, and post on facebook, that would be 3 entries.
  3. You need to spread the word and leave your comment by 12am PST Dec. 1, 2013.  
  4. On Dec. 2, 2013 I will choose 1 winner to receive a bracelet or earrings from the shop.  Don’t see the color you want? I’ll make an item especially for you.  
  5. If I have more than 25 different names in the hat, I will draw a second name for a $10 gift certificate to the shop.

So. Go my minions, and spread the word (insert Evil Cackle Knitterly Giggle here).


10 thoughts on “Thank you, Kim

  1. Congratulations on your first sale! 😀

  2. “Knitterly giggle” made me cackle evil-ly.

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  4. Hi! I emailed my friend about your new shop.
    My daughter loves your bracelets. Please enter us in your contest.
    Congratulations on your new store.

  5. Hi Kelli! I shared your website on Facebook and tumblr. 🙂

  6. Entry for Todd, since the blog wouldn’t let him leave one earlier. 🙂

  7. Just shared on facebook. What beautiful work you do Kelli!

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  9. Knitter Bunny! I emailed a friend about your shop! So, so, so happy to see all of the lovely lovely tatting.

  10. Emailed my mom and sisters. Love your designs.