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Learning Canning

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I’ve been exploring the world of canning since I seem to have an abundance of produce out here.  Avi bought a LOT of tomatillos at the last Farmer’s Market of the Season.  Being at a loss as to what to do with so many, I happened to locate a tomatillo salsa recipe.  So, I made a batch of salsa.



For my first real foray into canning, I think the little jars turned out well.  I had to triple the recipe due to the number of tomatillos I had, so instead of a little batch of salsa I made a big batch of salsa.  This canning thing is interesting.


One thought on “Learning Canning

  1. I always hated having to help my mother can, but the process is intriguing. Just never can sauerkraut when you’re having your period; the batch will always go bad.