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My Favorites

I was terribly excited to realize that one of my favorite books series, The Phryne Fisher Mysteries, have been made into a delightful TV series.  Set in 1920’s Australia, the books (and TV series) are delightful.  The novels are quick paced, the setting enticing, and the mysteries have enough gumption and twists to keep you rollicking through them.  (Yes, I stole the image from Amazon, but I linked it back to them too.)

Also delightful, Netflix has “Leverage” available. All five seasons. Whoo! HOO! I love Leverage and was very angry when it was cancelled after only 5 seasons. Seriously, other drivel like American Idol (ok, every reality TV show ever made), goes on for season after season and the good stuff is always cancelled early.

I am also enjoying reading Craig Johnson’s Walt Longmire Series.  I admit that I watched and greatly enjoyed the TV series before picking up the books, but I am finding the books to be delightful in their own way.  Years ago I used to be upset when films didn’t follow their book counterparts exactly, but I find that I am more forgiving now.  I try to enjoy each medium on its own without judging it too harshly by the other.  Then again, if a film is poorly made or a book disappointing, I do rail on about it. (And yes, I did borrow the image, but again, it is linked.) 😉


I’m also eagerly awaiting the next book in the Tara Holloway Series. Who knew I’d ever like a series based on an IRS investigator?  Still, lovely light mystery reading.  Though the cliff hangers at the end of her books are starting to wear a little thin.  I mean, a cliff hanger once in a while is good; it keeps you in suspense.  A cliff hanger at the end of each book?  Eh, I’d like some closure thanks.

So, there are some of my favorites, though not all of them.  One day maybe I will lay out a few more of them.


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