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Thank you, Kim

Alice bracelet beaded light turquoise

As my first customer on the Etsy Shop, I want to thank Kim of Hand Eye Crafts (photo of purchase above).  I hope you love your bracelet and the little extra gift I included for being my first customer.  I think this calls for a contest.

Here are the rules:

  1. Help me spread the word about my new Etsy shop.
  2.  Leave a comment here telling me how you helped spread the word.  Each form of “contact” will enter your name in a drawing once.  So, if you email a friend, post on twitter, and post on facebook, that would be 3 entries.
  3. You need to spread the word and leave your comment by 12am PST Dec. 1, 2013.  
  4. On Dec. 2, 2013 I will choose 1 winner to receive a bracelet or earrings from the shop.  Don’t see the color you want? I’ll make an item especially for you.  
  5. If I have more than 25 different names in the hat, I will draw a second name for a $10 gift certificate to the shop.

So. Go my minions, and spread the word (insert Evil Cackle Knitterly Giggle here).

Tatting Corner Voting Begins!

Hi Everyone,

So, I might have entered some of my tatting into a contest. Granted, it is all rather basic, but I took the plunge and dropped some pictures in an email. Now the voting has begun and it’s time to vote for favorites. Even if you don’t vote for me, please go check out the fantastic tatting and choose your favorite. The best way to view them is by clicking the first picture and then using the buttons at the top of the enlarged photo to navigate.  Once you’ve seen them all, choose your favorite and click the “vote” button on the main page.

Click here to go to Tatting Corner to vote.


ps, new bracelets and earrings have gone up in the shop

I Did It. Etsy Shop Open.

Well, I’m not sure that it was a great idea, but I decided to take the plunge and open an Etsy shop.  All of my current knitting patterns are for sale there as well as some lovely tatting.  I even set-up my first coupon code.  So, for my followers, and your friends, family, neighbors, or the stranger down the block; use coupon code “OPENING” to receive 15% off your order from today until Dec. 7, 2013.



And there is more tatting.

I’ve been making bracelets and earrings. In fact, I’m enjoying it so much, I think I might offer a few for sale. There are a lot of shops on Etsy already, but what do I really have to lose? I’m already making them anyway.





I am having so much fun with the tatted bracelets and earrings that I can’t seem to stop making them.

And ok, I am still making a few bookmarks. The bookmarks are a good way to test patterns for bracelets. 🙂



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Tat’s Not All

Ok, that title was corny.  I’ve been tatting quite a bit.  After I moved here and went to a lace meeting with a new group of people, I was inspired to tat more again.  So, here are some of the things I’ve been tatting:







The Whole Batch.


I’m still playing with tatting and I’m keeping all of them until after our next lace meeting so I can show the ladies what I’ve been doing. Then all of my little tatted gifts will be shipped off to my friends and family for Christmas. And, yes, I have been using all of that lovely new thread that I bought.