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A New Venture


When I knew I was coming to Oregon, I decided to buy some mini satins. The color that I liked best was the Tortoise variety. It isn’t a recognized color yet, but next year it will be. There is a process that rabbit breeders go through to have new breeds and varieties accepted by the ARBA. My friend, Todd, is the one who started breeding this variety and he gave me a very pretty bred doe for a wedding gift. She kindled out here; one of my first litters in Oregon and had 5 kits. One of the kits was very small and didn’t make it, but the other 4 are fat little things.





I am getting a huge kick out of watching the kits grow up.  I really missed having babies for so long.


2 thoughts on “A New Venture

  1. So precious! But what, exactly, is a “satin”?

  2. Super cute KB!