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The property that Avi bought has many apple trees.  I have been making apple bars and apple crisp.  Plus we bought a dehydrator and I’ve been drying apples too.  There are also gobs of grapes on gobs of vines.  We are waiting on a steam juicer to be delivered before I can try my hand at making grape juice.

I guess I need to make some applesauce and apple butter too.  Maybe grape jelly?  There is too much produce for me to deal with right now.  I’ve also had a report that there are giant zucchinis coming out of my garden in Indiana.  I miss my fresh zucchini here.

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  1. Wait until next year, you will have zucchini running out your EARS! Oregon is good for zucchini. And I’m sure there is a farmers market nearby. My dogs ate all my zucchini starts this year. Really DO have to fence the garden.