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Bunnies and Yarn, Need I Say More



Being in the new house has been hard because I don’t really have a space here. There is no room for my makeup in the bathroom. There are no shelves in the closet. So I’ve been living out of boxes for a few weeks until I can remedy that. There are so many shelves and cabinets in the house and yet, no storage where you really want it. My craft room is also the laundry room, which isn’t so bad. I just need to move some things to another room to be able to organize all of my crafting things. There wasn’t room for my bookshelf and books in there though, so I moved them to the front room.



I really miss my old house and my friends and family. I don’t feel like I’m part of Avi’s life here because he works so much. I miss having order to my barn and my house and my life. I miss working with all of the great people at the library.   I’m not settling in very well here.