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Fylingdales (with Zipper)

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So, you know my obsession with Lisa Lloyd’s “A Fine Fleece.” I have knit many of the sweaters, but hadn’t yet tackled Fylingdales. In a bid to use more of my yarn to justify some of the purchases I have made this year, I took on this sweater in some lovely Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd’s Wool Worsted. I was worried about having enough yarn, so I made some adjustments: I knit this sweater on 8’s even though I liked the fabric on the 7’s better, adjusted the length of the sleeves to fit my arms, and changed the button band to a zipper band.

As a result of my changes, I only used 4.5 skeins instead of the 6 that I have. So, I suppose I will use the excess for a scarf to match. I also made the collar just a bit longer.

I cast on the same number of stitches in the sleeve, but only decreased to 56 stitches. I had 22 rounds in the cuff and used the size 7’s in the cuffs and hem.

I used 96 stitches in the zipper band, but should I knit this again I would reduce that number to 90. I knit 7 rows and bound off the outer band, then picked up stitches and knit the same number of stitches, but only 6 rows and then bound off. This gave me two stockinette stitch flaps (with the wrong side in) to sandwich my zipper between.

I then machine basted my zipper to the inner zipper band first on both sides. Next, I sandwiched the zipper between the two bands and pinned it down. Finally, I used the machine to sew the sandwich together with a straight stitch. I love it. It works beautifully.





One thought on “Fylingdales (with Zipper)

  1. Terrific patterning, and a gorgeous color!