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More Produce from the Garden

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One day in mid August, I found myself with two pans of produce from the garden.  You see, I had late tomato blight hit and my plants decided to suddenly ripen all of their tomatoes at the same time.  It must have been a survival mechanism.  However, it meant that I picked tomatoes in the morning and found myself with several more that needed to be picked in the evening.



I was also picking barely ripe tomatoes with the hope of finishing the ripening in the house. Of course, having all of these tomatoes meant I needed something to do with those tomatoes. You’ll see what I did in my next post.

(ps, tomorrow is my wedding. It’s insane how quickly this has come)


One thought on “More Produce from the Garden

  1. Oh my gosh — it did come quickly! Trust it was a beautiful day for you, in all regards, and the beginning of an absolutely glorious new phase of life.