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Summer Spinning

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I always try to spin at least one skein for the State Fair. Sometimes that spinning happens the week before. Ok, usually it happens the week before. True to form, I spun two skeins to enter. The first is a single ply merino silk of 3.5 oz. and 500 yards. I also have a small 50 yard skein of this. Why two skeins you ask? Well, the yarn broke just before I finished winding it all.


The second skein was this nice merino/targhee/rambouillet blend in lovely purples and greens.  My spinning wasn’t as even as I hoped on this and I had a few spots where more fiber escaped my hands than I meant.  So I have a few slubs in my singles which caused some uneven plying.  I have about 4 oz. of this total in a nice 2-ply.  I think my yardage was somewhere around 450 yards total.  I had 3 skeins of 2-ply from my singles.  Unevenness aside, I will still make this into something lovely eventually.



One thought on “Summer Spinning

  1. That second skein is pretty — want to see what you make with it!