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Bunnies and Yarn, Need I Say More

Bur Oak Studio

And after the major fall down at Briar Rose, you would think that I was content. After all, my last Fiber Event (sniff, sniff) was happily commemorated with skeins of Briar Rose.


My eye was caught, however, by the sparkly earrings and necklaces at Bur Oak Studios. Like some other crafters, Jennifer has jumped on the band wagon and is making jewelry from old aluminum knitting needles. Unlike some other crafters, her things are actually eye-catching and pretty and affordable. In person, the earrings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, bookmarks, hair clips, and stitch markers just draw your attention.


I chose a fun rainbow themed necklace and some dangly green earrings. My roomie chose a blue necklace and some dangly silver earrings.


I will say that Jennifer was a little crazy. She was trying to make pieces and sell at the same time. That is one gutsy woman.


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