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Tiny Teapots


I painted these cute little salt and pepper shakers last week. They came out so well, I just had to share them.


I even tried a little artistry in the flowers. They came out much better than I could have hoped. I’m not very artistically inclined when it comes to paint.




Everytime I mow the yard, Abbie turns radioactive. Lol

Small Bonfire


We had a small bonfire last week. Partially because I had brush to burn. Partially because I wanted toasted marshmallows. Yes, I have since contemplated lighting a bonfire just for toasting marshmallows. So far I have resisted, but the lure is becoming stronger.

I might have to invite some friends over and have a party.

Busy Days

So, my days have been extra busy. I’m back in classes (and almost done), still working, still knitting, still judging rabbits. Plus we had a little excitement on Monday night when the outlet flipped that leads to the freezer. Luckily we discovered it before the freezer had thawed completely. Unluckily, we then had a lot of things to cook. Luckily, we now have many meals planned out over the next few weeks. Which is nice, because my roomie and I are both busy.

Wait, did I say we’re busy?

A Bit of Yarny Goodness


While we were in St. Joseph, MI, I found a little yarn shop. Must stop in the yarn shop. I found a little yarn. Must buy the yarn. You know I have trouble resisting, especially purples. I love purples. This was terribly soft yarn. I’m not sure that it will hold up well, but I bought it anyway. Softness does not always equal longevity when it comes to yarn.

Still. purple.

A Stop in St. Joseph

On our way back from the big rabbit show, we stopped in St. Jospeh, MI. Dustin wanted to see Lake Michigan, and who am I to spoil the dream of a young boy? Besides, we had plenty of time.

So, we drove the little main street and checked out all of the little shops. Then we headed down to the water.


It was a lot








it looked


The little lighthouse on the spit of land was cute,


but mostly I was amused by the bird tracks.


Although the South Bend Chocolate Company Cafe raspberry eruption cake comes in a close second.


Bur Oak Studio

And after the major fall down at Briar Rose, you would think that I was content. After all, my last Fiber Event (sniff, sniff) was happily commemorated with skeins of Briar Rose.


My eye was caught, however, by the sparkly earrings and necklaces at Bur Oak Studios. Like some other crafters, Jennifer has jumped on the band wagon and is making jewelry from old aluminum knitting needles. Unlike some other crafters, her things are actually eye-catching and pretty and affordable. In person, the earrings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, bookmarks, hair clips, and stitch markers just draw your attention.


I chose a fun rainbow themed necklace and some dangly green earrings. My roomie chose a blue necklace and some dangly silver earrings.


I will say that Jennifer was a little crazy. She was trying to make pieces and sell at the same time. That is one gutsy woman.