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Bunnies and Yarn, Need I Say More

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Briar Rose Fibers

Would you believe that I took not a single photo of the Briar Rose booth?

Or perhaps you might imagine that I was more dignified than usual and resisted the urge to sit on the floor and paw through the baskets of yarny goodness.

You would be correct on the first account, but incorrect on the second. Like a gleeful four-year old with a new box of toys, I happily squatted on the floor in the Briar Rose Fibers booth and dug through basket upon basket of yarn. I fondled. I petted. I caressed. I talked several people into even more yarn than they already had in hand. A few of them even made a second or third purchase.

In the end, I bought Sea Pearl in several different colors. This one is but a small snippet of yarn. It will make a glorious small scarf.


This batch is lovely and has the yardage for a nicely sized shawl.


But these two, they have enough yardage to make a very very pretty sweater. A very. very. pretty. sweater.