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It Rained and Rained

The weather has been decidedly precipitous this week.  I believe it has rained every day starting Monday and that trend seems to be continuing through today.  My puddles have puddles.  I’m starting to wonder if we’ll just float away. . .


Abbie can’t go outside without soaking her feathers and then she splashes muddy water ALL OVER THE KITCHEN.  The dog just can not sit still on the rug when she comes in to the house.

I’m starting to wonder how moles survive this kind of weather.  Wouldn’t their little mole holes be flooded?  Maybe they burrow really deep?  Or do they just wait out the rain and hope their holes don’t collapse?

I’m knitting along on a second Cerisara sweater, and it is the same as the first.  Ok, I did change the color, but the yarn is the same.  It might go to the big rabbit show with me.  I like to have a little knitting along on my trips.  The tiny Dutch bunny was knit just for the craft entry at the show.  Silly little plush, I know, but it did delight me to make it.

I’m off to the Fiber Event today.  Here’s hoping I find just a LITTLE from Briar Rose. ahem