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Sock Hunter Episode 85: Rumpledstiltskin

As my twitching fingers leapt from flash to focus and back again, I dreamt of the perfect sock photograph.  It should be richly colored, vividly stitched, twisted and turned and brought desperately into focus.  I found many socks on my quest, and yet, none were quite right.

My searched took me to places I had been before and to ones which were new.  My skills turned up many a peeping toe and peeking heel, and yet, still, the socks were not quite right.  Ever my search went onward, until finally, I spotted a pair of socks that brought me out of the depths of my despair.

Much as rumplestiltskin was the savior of the miller’s daughter, these socks were mine.  Glorious, grasslands dwelling, *Rumpled socks.  My camera was framing their stitches and delighting in the interplay of light within seconds.



A few snapshots later and I held in my hand what my heart had been dreaming of: richly colored, vividly patterned, gorgeous socks. As my hunt must continue anew, I will leave you.  Until next time, this is your Sock Hunter, signing off.

*Rumpled Socks, US 1 Hiya Hiya Needle, Berroco Comfort Sock Yarn, very few modifications